Easy-to-sew Baby Shower Gifts

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Now that the titular gifts have been delivered to their recipient, I feel okay posting about them.

Baby showers have a little more meaning for me now that I’m expecting myself. Which is not to say I didn’t enjoy them before, I just didn’t quite get it. But now I realize how valuable it is to gather friends and family to celebrate and support a woman in her pregnancy, not just materially but emotionally. For me, at least, sheer fatigue and the busyness of working full time and trying to get ready for a baby and establishing a healthy marriage with my rather new husband has cut my adult social time to what I can get at work and seeing church friends maybe twice a month. (This is why I really wanted to jumpstart the blog again so I could feel like I’m having an intelligent adult conversation with someone.) So any excuse to get together with a bunch of women from multiple generations is excellent in my book!

Back to the crafty stuff. I have no problem with baby registries and honestly I hope people buy mostly from ours just because we have zero space for any extras. But I’m also in full-on baby crafting mode (no pun intended) and any excuse to fire up the sewing machine will be readily exploited.

I’ve become mildly obsessed with the self-binding swaddle blanket pattern from Tea Rose Home. It provides very quick gratification and only involves sewing in straight lines. I will admit that originally I thought it was a pattern for some sort of swaddle suit…and I actually didn’t read the whole pattern before I bought fabric and started sewing. Which is fairly typical for me. Here is the first prototype, made with an irresistibly nerdy flannel print that may or may not ruin our child’s chances of being cool.


When I posted a photo of the blanket on Facebook last month, the mother we showered two weeks ago commented that her chemistry professor husband was requesting one for their baby. Baby shower gift = solved.

I also found a recipe tutorial for the perfect baby burp cloths from So Sew Easy, which seemed like a cute, easy and practical gift. (If you overlook the frivolity of making something pretty for the baby to spit on. Just go with me, okay?) Even better, the tutorial is written in “production line style,” which I didn’t even realize was a thing, but since I’m a novice sewist it was actually kind of nice to have some workflow guidance. I raided our overflowing towel closet for some old but seldom-used hand towels and used scrap flannel for the pretty part.

If I didn’t make clear above, I am a beast at sewing in straight lines. Curves are…a slightly different animal. And I don’t really understand/remember how clipping curves works, so I just didn’t. The top stitching on these wasn’t quite perfect, but they’re still functional, i.e. they’ll still catch baby spit-up. I even found some fabric that says, “I love mommy,” with some cute elephants, so at least my friend will know her son is spitting on her with love, right? Here’s the finished products!


Super cute and relatively easy, even for a guerilla sewist like me. Now I should probably start making some for myself…

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