Bakezilla’s Maiden Voyage

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A few weeks ago I was visiting my parents and the subject turned to my mother’s attire for the wedding. Being relentlessly practical and frugal, she wondered if any of the dresses she already had might be suitable. Knowing that’s who my mother is and having learned over the years not to expect her to be something she’s not, I obediently trotted upstairs to inspect her closet for suitable candidates. While rifling past pant suits and dresses from the 80s (now legitimately 30 years ago), I happened to spy a Kitchenaid mixer box, but pretended I didn’t see.

This was not entirely surprising, as about a week prior to this I’d received the following email from my dad:

Subject: Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer
Are you still interested in this item?

Kohl’s has 20% off its regular price of $349 only for today.  Then there is a $50 mail-in rebate.  So the final price is around $230.


As I’ve already alluded to, my parents are nothing if not practical and the concept of surprise gifts is not one they readily understand or practice. So I knew this was coming, but whether it would be a Christmas, birthday or wedding present remained to be seen.

Confession and spoiler: I kind of manipulated my way into getting The Precious early. On Christmas Eve with my parents I noticed right away that no large box was forthcoming. After receiving my desktop laminating machine, tablet, and squeaky dog toy shaped like a hedgehog, I idly commented that I was thinking about attempting to bake a cutting cake for our wedding. Right on cue, my dad leaned over and whispered that if I would like to use the mixer sooner, I could perhaps take possession in a day or two. We went back up the next day after my MIL left because I was feeling bored and vaguely homesick, and The Precious was mine.

I actually waited two whole days to take it for a spin because there was too much post-Christmas debris everywhere for me to set it up properly. After I got the counters cleared off yesterday, I took the opportunity to reorganize some of the cabinets to create a little baking station on the island. Pans went in one drawer and mixing bowls and transport containers went in another. This actually freed up quite a bit of space in other areas of the kitchen…I’m not sure why I didn’t do this a year ago.

For the test drive I made reliable chocolate candy cookies. (I was still haunted by the sponge cake catastrophe and gingerbread semi-failure from earlier this week.) This thing is so powerful! And even though I was a pretty bowl-efficient baker before, I felt like I was making a lot less mess, but maybe that’s just because I had more room to work with. To commemorate the occasion, here’s a little video made with the Magisto app.

More where that came from!


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