A-minus Mama Blogcast Season 4: Business Time

In what continues to be a season of comedic timing, Season 4 of the blogcast drops just as I’m taking a break from client work for the next few months. Go figure. You can listen to episodes below or through iTunes and Google Play.

Episode 1: The Myth of Passion | Read Original Post

Episode 2: Freelancing is Just Like Learning to Ride a Trike | Read Original Post

Episode 3: 3 Paths to an Online Business | Read Original Post

Episode 4: How To Run A Fearless Business (When You Hate Risks And Surprises) | Read Original Post

Episode 5: My Most Expensive Business Mistake | Read Original Post

Episode 6: Time Management Tips For Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, And Work-At-Home-Moms | Read Original Post

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