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Reflections on Travel: Jamaica 2012

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One of the things I miss most (and will probably continue to miss for a long time) is the ease of traveling sans baby. Because it is cold and evil outside and because I probably won’t be traveling anywhere fun anytime soon and because I’m *finally* backing up the last …

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Now or (whe)Never

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My social media feed is currently peppered with posts about how terrible 2016 was, from the hit parade of celebrity deaths (NOT CARRIE FISHER…DO NOT WAAAAAANT) to the ongoing carnage in Syria to terror attacks seemingly every other week to the election that demonstrated a collective loss of sanity and …

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Helpful Holidays: My Favorite Fair Trade Gifts

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In anticipation of Black Friday and the kickoff of the holiday season next week, I’m starting a little series called Helpful Holiday, in which I share a few of my faaaaaaaavorite thiiiiiiiiiiiings (singing and dancing in the Alps optional) for your consideration as holiday (or anytime!) gifts. This week’s installment is …

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The Myth of Passion

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I once got into a semi-heated (lukewarm?) debate with a guy I was dating, whom I shall call Bird Brain for his love of the ornithological, over the relative importance of passion vs. dedication in a relationship. He was on Team Passion while I knew, even then (when I understood …

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Cards Against Complacency

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I’ve been at Ohio State’s campus quite a bit in the last few weeks promoting Sseko founder Liz Bohannon’s visit to the university. In some ways I still feel and could probably look like a college student, particularly since my “capsule wardrobe” is really just 10 pairs of black leggings …