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School Daze

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Timehop pulled up this gem from last year and reminded me of students’ quarterly scramble to turn their grade around. I joked that should I ever hear of Fire Monkey doing this to his overworked and underpaid teachers, the consequences will be far more dire than if he had accepted …

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Advice for New Teachers

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I am taking a leave of absence from teaching this school year to take care of Fire Monkey and to prevent the household from sinking into complete mayhem while Science Guy finishes his doctorate. (Mayhem levels are still expected to rise.) It is definitely the best decision for our family but …

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The Organizational Beast-o-tron

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By definition, organization is not a strong suit of the A-minus Mama. Sure, I love creating organizational schemes, but the execution is…usually somewhat lacking. (Just ask my long-suffering mother and bemused husband. And my students. And my coworkers. Sigh.) But the first two work weeks of 2016 have been the …

Silver and Gold

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Today was day 3 (technically day 4 but first day was freshman only and I had maybe a dozen kids for 10 minutes at a time) of the school year, and because of my blocked scheduling, the first time I’d seen any of my students for the second time. (If …

Organizing from the Outside In

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(I’m attempting to braid together several strands of thought I’ve been spinning over the last week or so. Whether it turns out to be a strong and flexible rope or a tangled wad of fiber remains to be seen.) About a week and a half ago I got to reunite …

My Why

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I am…emotionally hungover right now. Wednesday night was senior convocation, yesterday was the juniors’ last day, and like an exhalation into the wind, they have slipped from my reach to join the wider stream of life. Just like that, my second year of teaching is over. This was my first time teaching a large …