I Scream, You Scream

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It’s been a lovely couple of months with my Kitchenaid stand mixer (also known as The Precious)…we’ve made lots of cookies and lots of pizza dough, and one batch of really freaking good mashed potatoes. (And I am not usually a fan of potatoes, mashed or otherwise.) What could possibly make The Precious even better?

Answer: the arrival of the ice cream maker attachment.

It was an early wedding gift from my parents’ friends, and I couldn’t resist trying it out immediately. (Well, sort of immediately. I had to put the bowl in the freezer for about 24 hours beforehand.) Am I really expected to wait until after the wedding to open all these??

While the bowl was chilling, I researched a variety of recipes I wanted to try. (Not literally for 24 hours, but possibly close.) I thought about making Jeni’s ice cream base to comfort myself while their shops are closed (hallelujah, they’re reopening in time for Memorial Day!) but realized I didn’t have corn syrup at home. I ended up making Emeril Lagasse’s Old Time Vanilla Ice Cream because it only required cream, milk, sugar, and vanilla. I’ll try an egg-based recipe next time.

I whisked the milk, cream, sugar, and vanilla together along with a little bit of local honey, and stared skeptically at the liquid mixture. This was going to turn into ice cream?

After pulling the bowl out of the freezer (with mitts!), I snapped the drive and rotor in place and started the mixer on Stir. Trusting Emeril, I poured the ice cream batter into the bowl and watched.

I forgot to take video, but it was kinda really magical. Within about 5 minutes, the ice cream was starting to thicken and form tiny crystals. When I trusted that it wasn’t going to explode, I started cleaning up the detritus leftover from baking 2.5 dozen monster cookies. (I was home alone and bored that morning, okay?)

After about 20 minutes, the ice cream had reached soft-serve consistency. That’s when I turned my back to put something in the sink, only to turn around and see the ice cream doubling in volume and spilling over the edge of the bowl. I tried to salvage as much as I could, but I probably lost about half a cup of precious, precious ice cream. My final yield was two 32-ounce yogurt containers full of vanilla ice cream. After freezing them for about 12 hours, they firmed up but remained easy to scoop, which I like a lot.

Overall, super easy. Can’t wait to do it again!


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