Honest Review: Norwex Cleaning Products

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I will readily admit to having mild to moderate post-direct sales cynic disorder. I don’t wear makeup, burn candles, use $400 of essentials oils a month (do you just drink shots of the stuff, or what?), or have any desire to lose weight through unbalanced liquid diets or magic Saran wrap. Sure, I don’t mind supporting friends but I refuse to buy things I don’t need and I’m really not a fan when the first contact someone has in 7 years is a sales pitch. Bottom line, I seriously dislike shopping and I hate selling even more. This video just about sums it up:

(So ask me why I’m a direct seller…go on, I dare you!)

Until about two months ago, Norwex was in the bottom quartile of the direct sales pantheon for me. Cleaning supplies just didn’t seem very fun, and while I can respect wanting to use fewer cleaning products around the house particularly with a curious toddler around, as a science teacher I wasn’t crazy about the chemical-boogeyman trope. (I hate to break it to you, but water is a chemical. And for the most part, bleach breaks down (depending on the circumstances) into washing soda and table salt. So relax a little.)

So how did I go from being a Norwex grinch to hosting an event?

I met a Norwex consultant named Mary Rose. She offered to help me put together a cleaning plan, which I desperately needed. Before Fire Monkey’s arrival, I operated mostly on the Hyperbole and a Half cleaning system:

None of the things actually get clean, by the way.

Namely, let things devolve into a state of chaos until someone finally decides it is intolerable and then go on a 3+ hour cleaning rampage. To my surprise and chagrin, this strategy did not work very well with a tiny mess-making machine living in our house. Add to that a dissertation being written and Science Guy’s chronic health issues and the knowledge that we would be moving “soon,” and my motivation and ability to clean evaporated rather quickly.

But Mary Rose kindly met me on Zoom from the rubble of our condo going into boxes and asked me questions about our routines, habits, and schedules in order to create a custom cleaning plan. And when I say custom, I mean down to the hour, which is exactly what I needed. When faced with something I don’t want to do but have to accomplish, it’s helpful for me to decide ahead of time what I need to do and when I am going to do it. This way I have no excuse to spend two hours Googling the very best much effective so wow way to dust my house. Not that I’ve ever done that before.

Anyway, I had this amazing plan that I couldn’t wait to try out…after we moved. In the meantime, I decided that for all the help she had given me (at no charge!), the least I could do was host a Norwex event for Mary Rose. (By the way, any direct sellers who are reading this post…THIS is how you get hostesses and recruits. Help first, sell later.)

Here’s the dirt on Norwex products…

Now even I am not naive enough to believe that any particular fancy cleaning product will magically make my home neat and tidy. But I have come to realize that the right tools can make a significant difference. An expensive camera won’t make you a good photographer, but having the right camera and lenses makes it possible to execute certain photos that otherwise wouldn’t turn out right. You don’t need a fancy computer to be a graphic and web designer, but a fast processor and nice screen sure makes the work a lot easier. So maybe graduating from old T-shirt dust rags might actually make a difference.

Norwex microfiber cloths

From left to right: Kitchen Scrub Cloth, Kitchen Cloth, Envirocloth

Out of curiosity, I had already bought a Norwex EnviroCloth from an eBay seller (so I would not get roped into another direct sales vortex, thank you). I ended up getting a Kitchen Scrub Cloth, Kitchen Cloth, and another Envirocloth in my hostess rewards. These are all made of microfiber and do a bang-up job of picking up food spills, crumbs, and dust. (Although to be totally honest, I don’t really know the difference between the kitchen cloth and Envirocloth. I haven’t used the scrub cloth at all yet, as you can probably tell from the picture!) The microfiber is supposed to pick up bacteria with just water, but I know Science Guy would have a conniption if I didn’t use a disinfectant cleaner on raw meat spills, so I don’t fight that battle.

Stovetop Cleaning

One of the major banes of my cleaning existence was our glass cooktop. Seriously, whoever invented these and decided they would be de rigeur for kitchens remodeled from 2005 onward… Shame on you for condemning housewives everywhere to hours of fruitless scrubbing to remove burnt-on food spills! Mary Rose recommended a Norwex Spirisponge and the Norwex Cleaning Paste. We haven’t exploded anything onto the stovetop in our new house yet, so these haven’t gotten a lot of use. The cleaning paste is also good for cleaning soap scum off the bathtub (which we don’t seem to get much of, yay for softer water!) or polishing chrome and stainless steel. I still need to really give these a good go sometime.


The real challenge for me is dusting. Actually, dusting really isn’t that hard, I just really hate doing it for some reason. It is probably the most time-consuming chore, so I bought a Dusting Mitt and Envirowand to cover all my bases. (You can also dust with an Envirocloth, wet or dry.) Science Guy was skeptical of my need for two (arguably three) dusting devices, but he doesn’t dust so he doesn’t get an opinion. The Envirowand bends for easily reaching the tops of ceiling fans or cabinets, and the large surface area makes dusting faster. The dusting mitt is handy (HAR HAR HAR) for dusting light fixtures, picture frames, and other weird shapes, which again makes the process go just that much faster. It also makes a fun puppet! (Fire Monkey wasn’t impressed, though.)

So did Norwex products make me a better housekeeper?

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you can probably guess that no one product (or twelve) is going to make me Martha Stewart. (I wanted to be Martha Stewart when I was in college, minus the jail part. I have different role models now, I swear.) They are wonderful tools, but the biggest help was the plan Mary Rose made with me. Now that we’ve landed in our new home and actually have a predictable schedule, I can execute that plan. The result is a cleaner house. It’s not perfect, but we’ve gotten in a decent housekeeping routine with the help of experienced advice and the right tools. And isn’t that all we ever need to make important changes?

Ask Mary Rose for advice on Facebook or shop directly through Norwex. You won’t regret it!



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