Double Helix Scarf

Approximate reading time:2 minutes

Yesterday I finally cast off the mythical DNA scarf (pattern by June Oshiro), to a loud humming of whatever song they play after they inaugurate the President. I started this piece in November, intending it to be a Christmas gift for Science Guy. That…clearly did not happen. Then I thought, well, I can finish it in time for his birthday in early February. Well, that came and went and then Science Guy started dropping hints about how very cold his neck was and I felt like the worst girlfriend ever.


But now, three months later, it is finally done! This was the first charted cable pattern I’ve ever done so the first repeat of the helix pattern was a bit of a mess because I didn’t know how to read the chart properly. I also got a little lazy/frustrated and did one fewer repeat on each side so it looks kind of like a scarf for a child. But I still told Science Guy he better wear this for every day of his life because I spent 3 months working on it! My friend Julia gave me a pink version in 2011 that she said she started in 2007, so I feel a little better. Here’s a detail of the cable pattern…Science Guy was impressed that the angle on the double helix was relatively accurate.


Charting was actually not as bad as I feared and kind of fun, but the one downfall was that I couldn’t really work on it while watching TV or reading since I had to keep glancing back at the pattern. Now that I’m done I feel slightly bereft without a project to keep me busy, so I’ve got my eye on a few new ideas, in keeping with the nerdy knitter theme.

On second thought, maybe I should just knit an afghan.

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