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Apologies for the radio silence! I think I got depressed after exhausting my supply of vacation blog fodder–at least until I get my film scans back–and had to rediscover my motivation to blog on more quotidian topics. Science Guy had a conference all weekend (in which he tied for first-place in the poster presentation, yay Science Guy!) so I took advantage of the lack of distraction to tackle the room that was supposed to be my office.


Unfortunately, it was A) the dumping ground for all manner of detritus that is circulating through the condo in search of its rightful place; B) a shade of green that is found only in Crayola boxes; and C) completely covered in orange-peel texture a la 1975. It kind of looked like Kermit the Frog threw up on the wall.


When we tackled the master bedroom (which was a shade of purple also not found in nature), we were perhaps overly ambitious and attempted to completely sand down the texture before painting it dark blue. This took both of us approximately 16 hours (so…32 man-hours) and generated a horrific amount of noise and dust, a broken sander, and lots of insanity. So this time around, being all by myself and also unable to completely empty the room as we did last time, I decided to just hack at the ugliest parts with a scraper and call it a day. In this room, it was clear to see where the texture spray gun had a fit…fortunately, that was only about a quarter of the wall space.


Besides a skinned knuckle, this went off relatively well. I taped off the baseboards and painted the walls “State of Mind” by Valspar. (Of course, the previous painters clearly did not bother taping the baseboards so there are places where Kermit-barf oozes out underneath the new color. I’m sure that someday my OCD will break through and I’ll crawl around repainting the baseboards because that’s just how I roll.)

It took me probably 12 hours to paint, vacuum, declutter, and place everything, but at long last I have a studio and office to call my own. The cream loveseat and ottoman are from World Market, while the drop-leaf table and red task chair are from IKEA. The brown suede Henredon chair I inherited from a work client. (Wrestling that puppy home was not easy, let me tell you.) Not pictured is the bright red metal cabinet for all my photo gear.


I’ve already brought clients into the space and I absolutely love it. The light is great throughout the day and the colors work so well together. I can’t wait to shoot in here again!


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  2. We’re about to paint the living and dining rooms that color. LOL

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