I completed this spec project for Knownfor Solutions as part of the process of defining the freelancer-agency relationship. The client is a successful speaker on the subject of distraction, and the goal was to expand his online presence and establish him as a thought leader in his field.

The principal asked for the following deliverables as well as insight into my process.

  • A blogging calendar concept with a plan for 10 units, with a schedule (and reasoning). I’m capping it at 10 units regardless of how often you think the schedule should include a post (daily/weekly/monthly/whatever), just to simplify things
  • At least one example blog post, to give a sense of your style/approach/voice to the character—including an accompanying header image, and any references if necessary (certainly not required, he’s supposed to sound like a thought leader in his own right)
  • A weekly social media calendar concept, with the frequency and types of content to be shared, along with the networks it should be shared on. Example posts would be welcomed, but they would simply be to more specifically set expectations.

I studied the client’s existing website and blog, as well as a digital minibook already created by the agency. From those I extrapolated three dimensions of content and audience to create a well-rounded content plan with sample calendar, sample blog post, and weekly social media calendar.

I’m a big believer in modularity when it comes to content marketing so that we aren’t stuck scratching our heads over what to post every week. I outlined my process throughout the written plan, but in a nutshell I read and research the existing content, find salient themes and motifs, and work those themes into a recurring content cycle. (I work this out on a notepad first then polish it into digital format.)
I always enjoy learning about different fields and making connections with my own knowledge and experience. The week when I completed this project, I cross-pollinated with my biology lesson about the RNA-amino acid table to get the monthly blog structure table, and I definitely see the difference between compliance and attention every day at school. After writing the sample post about attention vs. compliance, I started being more mindful of who in my classroom was really listening and who was just trying to make me believe.


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