Christina is a postpartum doula and placenta encapsulation specialist. She asked me for help revamping her website after moving across the country from Brooklyn to Tacoma, WA. She was struggling to find new clients after the move, but the deeper issue was that her hastily built new website didn’t look or sound like her. We talked through her process and brainstormed ideas via Skype, and I also sent her a few personality tests to get a feel for her voice. Interestingly, when I created a verbal moodboard based on her personality test results, she commented that her husband thought one sample sounded most like her, but she thought a different sample sounded more like herself. I┬árealized that her true voice of spontaneity and creativity had been partially hidden by her responsibilities as Mom, so I worked to bring this back out on her web site.

A few months later, she was ready to work on a full visual rebrand of her website. From our previous conversations about her written voice and the brand inspiration she sent me, I had a pretty good idea of her personality, which made rebranding her site pretty straightforward. I designed her logo and built the site on the WordPress platform using the X theme.

When we were finished, she said, “Your work has helped me feel more confident and will allow me to stand out from others in my profession.”


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