Shelby approached me about blogging for her company, Corner Market Media, after reading my personal blog. She wanted a blogging voice that fit the “no dress code” vibe of her company and since my daily uniform currently consists of leggings and whatever sweater is cleaner than the others, I was happy to oblige.

We decided that she would dump her thoughts on a topic into a rough outline form which I would then flesh out into a full post. The first two posts took a lot of workshopping (and a few friendly arguments over semicolons and emoticons) via Google Docs but eventually my writing was able to persuade even her significant other that she herself had authored the posts.

Working with/for friends can be tricky (“Can you photograph my wedding for $300 and an open bar?”), but Shelby was super professional and extremely proactive about laying out expectations on both sides. We actually ended up trading her blog posts for a much-needed brand facelift for my blog and everyone went home happy and still friends.

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